Thursday, February 18, 2010

Appreciate the small things...

I've never really figured it out, but Thursdays have always been the day that I feel the most fatigued.  In the 21 years that I have been in the "gym" business, it's also been the lightest attendance day for our customers, so there must be something to "Thursday-itis".  It's on one of these "tired" Thursday mornings that I am very thankful for some of the small things that make the days (especially the early hours) more enjoyable.  One of my customers has switched from attending my lunchtime spin classes to attending the 5:30am & 7:30am sessions.  She told me that she was doing so partly to enable others to attend the midday sessions (which are typically full) and that she would be able to finish her workout earlier in the day.  Imagine that.  A thoughtful person.  Not only that, but she brings me coffee when she comes in!  That really helps since Der Bagelmeister next door sometimes drops the coffee ball when I need him most!  Perhaps I should create a Member of the Month award...and Karen (that's her name, btw) would be the first winner!  In any case, I appreciate her kindness.


  1. Someone who brings you coffee at 5am sure is an angel!!

  2. I know what you mean about Thursdays. It was always harder to get my energy organized when I was in the fitness industry. In summer I have a group ride @6 pm; often I have to take a nap to have any "oomph" to join the group. Happy Friday eve!