Tuesday, February 16, 2010

One flip of the hourglass...

After the uproar of Sunday night...and resulting two hours of sleep, Monday was pretty much a waste of time and should have been cancelled. Time, of course, marches on and we do what we have to do. Sometimes it is difficult remain positive when there is so much negative reinforcement. I guess you can only control what you can control. Today is Fat Tuesday and while it does not refer to my midsection, it sure seems to be the pefect description of how I am feeling at the moment...One of my customers asked me if I was growing a beard and then proceeded to tell me that it was awfully white! I think if it were completely white, I might like it. As it is...it is a bit too salt and pepper for my taste...and I think today it will be gone. I could sure use some positive news today...something good to happen would be really nice right about now.

1 comment:

  1. Yeah, a new blog to follow!
    Btw, white, salt and pepper, it's all good!
    Love the horse down there...The good news is that I will get to visit CA and see your favourite rides through your pics!
    P.S. Didn't know one could sleep until noon!