Saturday, February 20, 2010

Saisir le jour!

I thought the forecast was for a break in the rain, but things looked "iffy" as I took off on what I thought would be about a 30 mile ride.  As I began the ride I could tell immediately that I felt physically stronger and more comfortable than I have since falling on the treadmill last week.  Perhaps it was the wonderful massage I had yesterday afternoon.  In any case, I decided to add some major climbing to today's ride and headed up what I knew would be a difficult hill.  Fawn Hill Rd looks like it is going straight up...especially when you aren't sure how you can pedal to the top of it.  One section features a 20% grade.  After conquering that one, I continued on in a light drizzle toward Baxter Grade, Ridge Rd, Indian Hill Rd, and an added challenge, Old Foresthill Rd.  Even though portions of the 43 miles were challenging, I never felt as if I couldn't continue and felt strong for most of the ride.  It would have been nice to have had company on this ride, but I enjoyed it going solo.  We are very blessed to have such wonderful roads to ride and such year round accommodating weather conditions!

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