Monday, April 19, 2010

Weekend in Yosemite

There's no such thing as a bad trip to Yosemite. This was my first visit in nearly two years...I will not let that much time pass again.
In the years I've been visiting Yosemite, this is my first bobcat encounter!

This fellow was stalking something...not sure what...

Looking up the sheer cliffs from Curry Village

An early morning view of Half Dome

On the way to Nevada Falls...

First view of Nevada Falls

Stellar's Jay or Mountain Jay

Looking out toward Yosemite Falls

Still some snow to negotiate...looking up the cliff side almost to Nevada Falls

Nevada Falls

Another view of Nevada Falls
Vernal Falls

Looking down from the top of Nevada Falls

looking out across the valley from Nevada Falls

Someone left an orange peel for this little fellow. (Not me...I don't feed the wildlife)

Half Dome in the evening.

Sunday morning at Mirror Lake

Flowers along the road exiting the park.

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  1. Just look at those waterfalls!!! Fantastic!

    Thanks for posting the photos, they're really beautiful.